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Effective Profit Increasing Strategies For Entrepreneurs

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Raise Your Prices


The first and most obvious step to maximizing profits with your online based business is to raise your prices. Sadly, many entrepreneurs base their prices around what they think people can afford instead of taking into account their own overhead, fees for running a business and how much they need to earn for their business to start providing them with their desired freedom.

As entrepreneurs we tend to be afraid of asking for more out of the fear of being called money hungry, less customers etc. Sorry if I sound a little harsh or blunt but If you’re afraid or ashamed of compensation for profit business may not be for you, maybe you should consider starting a non profit and spend the rest of your days relying on contributions from others to help everyone but yourself.

As far as less customers because of higher prices, think of it like this……

10 customers = $1,000 or 2 customers = $1,000? You’re guaranteed more freedom, less stress and less hassle from the latter.

Stop being afraid to raise your prices, In the past six months my rates have increased 100%-200% and guess what? People still pay.

You’re only going to get what you ask for.



Give Away More Free Stuff


Now I know that this sounds like a contradiction to raising your prices but don’t tune this out just yet…

In order to be successful with raising your prices you have to pre-sell and build the anticipation of people wanting to pay more premium prices. In addition to the things that I charge for, I give away a ton of no cost and applicable value.

Some people will ALWAYS be freeloaders but for others it builds up anticipation and gets them curious about what else I have to offer or what they’re missing out on by not taking advantage of my paid masterminds and consultations.

Start giving away more free value and I promise your sales will increase. Here are some of my favorite freebies to give away:

  • Free short pdf reports
  • Insightful and inspirational podcasts
  • Free actionable marketing tutorials
  • And blogs of course ;)

These things don’t take much time of effort to put together and they not only help people but help me with increasing sales and list building (which leads to more sales)


Build An Email List


If you aren’t email marketing, you trippin’.

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of using social channels for back to back promotions which at some point will become a nuisance to your network. Social media is for socializing and engaging, an email list on the other hand is a great channel for distributing various promotions.

If someone opts into your mailing list for a 20% off coupon, chances are…they want to buy or if you use your email list to further build rapport and give value someone who joined your list for a free report deciding to purchase something from you eventually is very likely.

About two weeks ago, I sent an email to a list I built for a free report on how to get started making money online about my mastermind courses and within 3 email blasts I made over $900.

Trust me when I tell you, you want to get started with your email marketing efforts immediately.


Offer Review Copies


Testimonials are a pretty big deal.

Naturally most people are followers and bandwagoners (sorry if this sounds harsh but its true). Most people will not take action until someone else does, in many cases rightfully so because rarely does anyone want to be a test dummy, they like what’s tested and proven.

Offering review copies of your products and services can definitely help you maximize your profits because when other people see that what you have to offer has benefitted someone else, they’ll have more confidence that it will benefit them as well.

Going about offering review copies is as easy and simple as allowing a few highly interested people a free run of your product or service. If you’re a new entrepreneur, it may not be as easy seeing as though you have no following or clients anticipating your products and services so you can either offer an additional incentive or just save this idea for the future when you’re more established.


Partner With Other Relevant Brands or Entrepreneurs


Partnering up with other brands or entrepreneurs for a product or service launch can turn out to be a great profit maximizer as well as allow you to gain a new fan or customer base.

Another benefit to this method is that promotions will be a lot less strenuous than doing it on your own.


Have an Early Bird Special!


Having an early bird special creates urgency for a prospective consumer to take immediate action with purchasing a product or service.

I recently released my very first product and the early bird special was $7 for a few days then $17 for a few days and then $27 on the front end.

Normally to work with me costs $147 and up so many people were extremely excited to take advantage of something valuable for a fraction of the cost.


Use A Bigger Selling Platform


Depending on where you are as an entrepreneur, utilizing a larger selling platform to launch your products and services may expose you to 10x as many sales and allow you to gain a whole new audience.

As an example, many 6 & 7 figure earners in my industry got their start releasing WSOs on the Warrior Forum and FSOs on Forum Special Offers and now, many entrepreneurs in my industry are using Udemy to score big with sales and gaining a bigger audience.


Include An Upsell


An upsell is a fancy terminology for upgrade. Having the option to upgrade to a product or service with more amenities has proven to be tried and true with maximizing profits.

For example, I was at the nail salon the other day and the standard pedicure was $18 for $6 more dollars you can upgrade to a pedicure that includes sugar scrub and you could also choose to add on a 10 minute massage for $10.

If you purchase a domain through Hostgator or Godaddy, you’ll see options to upgrade to a hosting package, SEO services, Domain protection services etc

Upsells are amazing profit maximizers and something you should definitely consider with your products or services in the future.


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Something many entrepreneurs fail to grasp (even myself at times) is that organization and tracking is truly essential. If you do not have a plan, you are planning to fail by default.

With internet marketing in particular, in addition to goal setting and planning, project and campaign tracking is a must and something that separates the amateurs from the “big guys”.
If you are not tracking your stats, expenditures, conversion rates and ROI, you’re not really in business, you’re a hobbyist.

To solve this issue for both myself and other online entrepreneurs, I’ve created some To-Do list, Campaign tracker and project organizer templates.


To-Do List Template


This To-Do list template consists of 5 major categories, Priority, Deadline, What needs to be done, Progress and done.

  • Priority: Priority is the measure of importance of a particular task. With this template, priorities range from A-D.
  • Deadline: The deadline is the projected date in which you’d like or should have a task completed by.
  • What: What do you have to do or what is it that you want to do?
  • Progress: The progress tab will indicate your progress with a particular task (see video tutorial for instructions.
  • Done: This tab will indicate if you have completed the task.


Project Task Sheet Template


This project task sheet template I created consists of 5 major categories. Brief description of the project at hand, deadline, priority, description of task to complete and done.

  • Brief Project Description: A brief over view of the overall project. For example, starting a blog for tips on organic skincare.
  • Deadline: The deadline is the projected date in which you’d like or should have a task completed by.
  • Priority: Priority is the measure of importance of a particular task. With this template, priorities range from A-D.
  • Description of task: What does the task consist of? For example, buying a domain and hosting plan
  • Done: This tab will indicate if you have completed the task.


Campaign Case Study Tracker Template


This project task sheet template I created consists of 5 major categories. Brief description of the project/campaign at hand, the action that you’ve taken, the date, time allocated, the cost and the ROI.

  • Brief Project/Campaign Description: A brief over view of the overall project. For example, starting a blog for tips on organic skincare.
  • Action: The action that you took. For example, uploaded a video to Youtube
  • Date: The date in which you performed the action
  • Time Allocated: The time it took you to perform the action
  • Cost: The cost for an action, can be free or paid depending up on the action.
  • ROI: What you gained from the action. For example, 3 new clients, 5 sales, 20 subscribers


Expenditure Tracker Template


This expenditure template I created also consists of 5 major categories, your product/ad spend or service, date, cost, once or monthly and times billed. This template is important simply because business expenses are tax deductible.

  • Product/Ad Spend/Service: The products you purchased, amount spent on advertising or the service your patronized.
  • Date: The date of the transaction
  • Cost: The cost of the transaction
  • Once or Monthly?: Is the purchase a one time or monthly fee?
  • Times Billed: how many times you’ve been billed (will require updating)


Video Tutorial




Download Files



Thank you for checking out this blog post, if the info/resources provided helped you in any way please share this and leave your comments/questions below.



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facebook marketing 2014 


Why Consider Facebook Marketing?


If you’re an online marketer or entrepreneur and not utilizing Facebook’s advertising you’re missing out on a ton of profit for a variety of reasons.


  • According to Alexa.com Facebook is the world’s #2 most visited site in the world behind Google.

  • According to Zephoria, the amount of Facebook users increased 16% to 1.23 billion monthly active users.

  • According to Business Insider 83% of Facebook users are in the age range of 18-29, if you are marketing products and services this is great because this age group is typically is not only tech savvy but are more than likely to consume online according to a study conducted by Nielsen.


The key to successful entrepreneurship is realizing that it’s a numbers game and by including Facebook marketing in your overall marketing plan, you can place your products and services in front of millions of highly targeted leads and new customers.


Types of Facebook Ads You Can Run


  • Page Post Engagements: Page Post Engagements ads are ads that are geared towards getting likes, shares and comments on a particular post, you can also include links in the post you want to engage. Page post engagement ads are by far my favorite kind of ads simply because they have a tendency to go viral as well as get GREAT click through rates.

  • Page Likes: Page like ads are ads simply geared towards getting a like to a page.

  • Clicks To Website: Click to website ads are ads geared towards getting clicks to a website.

  • Website Conversions: Website conversion ads are ads that are geared towards getting sales on a website.

  • App Installs: App Install ads are adverts geared towards having people install your on or off Facebook application.

  • App Engagements: App Engagement ads are ads that are geareds towards getting more user activity on your on or off Facebook Application.

  • Event Responses: Event Response ads are ads that are geared towards getting more Event goers.

  • Offer Claims: Offer Claim ads are adverts geared towards getting people to take advantage of special offers. A special offer can be something such as free shipping, a discount, free download etc. Offers also have a lot of virality on Facebook.


Right Side Ads or Newsfeed Ads?


For page likes my advert of choice is the right side ad. Right side ad images are 100×72 pixels and are shown on the right side on a Facebook user’s desktop. (As Pictured Below)

 facebook marketing 2014

Newsfeed ads (recommended image size 1200×627 pixels) are my preference when I’m running a campaign that could benefit from engagements such as Teespring and other various affiliate offers. This is something you’ll have to be intuitive about. (As Pictured Below)


Facebook marketing 2014


facebook marketing 2014 

My best advice is to always split test (create multiple ads per campaign/ad set). From my experience it is imperative to run multiple variations of the same ad to see what gets the most response. (As Pictured Below)

 Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 6.27.39 PM

Standard Ad Editor or Power Editor?


My preference depends on what kind of ad campaign I’m running, for standard right side ads I use Facebook’s standard ad editor. When I’m creating newsfeeds ads I prefer to use the power editor. As always, split testing is essential!


How To Get Targeted Leads and Buyers With Facebook


Facebook has recently implemented a very powerful graph search tool that allows you to find users based upon pages they like, groups they belong to, places they’ve visited, schools they go to, line of work and much more.


When I’ve found the most suitable audience for my ad campaigns, I scrape user ids and/or emails using a tool called Facesniper (Click here for Info). For a more in-depth preview, I’ve included a video tutorial below.


Additional Tips


To run ad campaigns, you will need a standalone fan page. Set up takes less than 5 minutes, click here to launch your fanpage. Also be aware that cause or community pages can be taken from you and merged with the actual cause by Facebook.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 5.40.18 PM 




Register for my live Facebook webinar

Like Me on Facebook




Business Insider

Thank you for reading this blog post, if you found this post to be helpful please share. Also leave your comments and questions below.



Overcoming The Many Fears of Having Success


Hey there, I decided to write this blog post because the fear of success is something many people deal with and actually fear the most.

There is a lot of propaganda that is associated with success, money and people who have both.
Constantly hearing about “those greedy wealthy people who take from the poor”, that very successful public figure who “sold their soul to the devil” or even that celebrity who “joined the Illuminati for fame and fortune” definitely does not inspire one to shoot for the stars either.

With this blog post I plan to share with you some authentic insight on how to get over the fears you may have regarding success and money as well as why having massive success is not only essential to you but also essential to humanity.

Sidenote: If you can’t handle the truth and/or some laughter, I suggest you not read this blog.

Most People Are Not Going to Amount to Much So Don’t Let Them Rub Off On You


This may sound mean but it’s true. Most people have died and are going to continue to die poor or with vast amounts of unfulfilled ambitions. The reason for this is because they’ve allowed people to throw a monkey wrench at their aspirations with fear based upon their own failures as well as propaganda similar to what I mentioned above.

The reality is many people are delusional and uneducated to how life really works. Many people have philosophies that are outdated or either completely warped. The fact that many of these know-it-alls are light years away living a life they enjoy, they’ll still try to tell people where’s north, south, east and west.

The catch…..

They don’t truly have any sense of direction themselves.

If you keep letting these kind of people infiltrate your feelings and outlook on life, you’ll eventually be where they are, being the boogie man for the ambitious and continuing the cycle of not amounting to much.

You’re Going to Fail Often


One thing that really inhibits people from having success is their underlying or overlying fear of failure. You want to know the truth and nothing but the truth?? You’re going to fail often.

When people think of success they typically think of a straight shot, sunny skies and that the path from A to B will be obstacle free. Success is actually disastrous, muddy, rainy, snowy, it consists of dips, curves and sometimes even having to start all over again and go through the same thing. It can and will get ugly.

As someone who is a completely self reliant entrepreneur, I can attest to the theory that having success is all about how much failure you can withstand but even with that truth, I can say that not being successful is much harder, strenuous and stressful than being successful simply because either way life is tumultuous.

You’re either going to go through the ups and downs of mediocrity or you’re going to go through ups and downs in pursuit of victory. Pick your poison.


Success Is Not Exclusive to “Lucky People”


Many people don’t pursue success simply because they feel as though success is a matter of luck and exclusive to those with luck and the reality is there’s really no such thing as luck. Having success is a matter of properly positioning yourself.

If you acquire skill sets that are conducive to the success that you want to have, be consistent and work until you have a breakthrough, success will always be imminent. Don’t let your fear of not being lucky enough inhibit you from living out your full potential.

According to new statistics 85% of people who become millionaires are completely self made. No luck involved.

“I’m successful, I fly private jets, I’m on the Forbes list, I live in million dollar homes, My grandchildren’s grandchildren will have wealth, all because I’m so lucky” – No one.


Get Over Your Fear of Losing People


There are many people who purposely hold themselves back out of fear of no longer being accepted or the fear of being called “brand new”, “sellout” etc by those whom they love dearly. Though this is a hard pill for many to swallow, we were not created with the intent of having friends and being accepted.

The purpose of all life is to bring forth even more life and one who is stagnant or living mediocre on purpose is in total discord with the universe. The thing about success is that it will most certainly bring the true colors out of those around you.

There’s a saying that goes “you’ll never know who your true friends are until you’re down on luck” but to be quite honest most often that’s the only position many people will be able to be around you and be comfortable. When you start to transcend your friends, your environment, your culture or even society the animosity will rise.

If they’re truly meant to be around, they’ll be completely okay with you not being down. (that rhymes, ha!)


Attaining Success Doesn’t Mean You’ll Have To Give Up Everything Else


Another huge inhibitor of having success is that people don’t truly feel as though with success comes the sacrifice of other important things. Some people operate with the mentality “I don’t need fancy cars, lots of money or vacations, I just need my friends and family” but why not make room for both?

Celebrities, Movie Stars and other entertainers are not the only successful people alive, just the only ones shown to the public by mainstream media. There are tons of millionaires and very successful people who don’t have as much public notoriety that enjoy both their wealth, spouse, children and family.

Attaining wealth and having success does not result in ultimatums, success actually makes way for more options.


You Need It and So Do Others


Last but never least understand that you need to be successful and others need you to be successful just as much as you do. The cure all to many of life’s problems is the inspiration to solve them.

Successful people inspire people to take the necessary actions that will eventually make them successful also. Most prominent and successful people such as Oprah, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs and others were all very inspired by other successful people prior to becoming successful themselves.

Success is not only something you need, other people need your success because success is a ripple effect. One success will most certainly create plenty of others.

To your success,


Thank you for reading this blog post. If this blog post helped you please share and leave your comments below.

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Daily To-do List


A clear and concise game plan is the difference between those who already have or will eventually have massive success. Just because you’re an at home and online entrepreneur doesn’t mean you can lay around in your pajamas all day everyday and just do whatever whenever.

Having some sort of structure and order can really assist you with not only getting things done, it will also reduce overwhelm, procrastination and allow you to make consistent progress in your business.

There are many free tools to help you organize projects and tasks including “Todoist” which is what I currently use. My structure for my to do lists is to create bigger goals and them break them down into easy and actionable steps.

For example:

Goal: Build a Niche Website

Tasks for completion

• Today: Do part one of market research to find potential profitable niches.
• Tomorrow: Research affiliate programs and traffic interest in niches
• 3/28: Make a final niche selection
• 3/29: Do keyword research and competition analysis
• 3/30: Hire writer to write site content

It’s important that you break your goals down into actionable steps. Also do not try to over exhaust yourself. Honestly plan your daily to do list based upon your work ethic, time to allocate and last but never least, take each day at a time.


Trends Research


Daily trends research is very essential for an online marketer to do simply because not taking advantage of some of the opportunities that come along with passion and interest peaks can cause you to miss out on a ton of profit.

For example a trend around a particular celebrity or interest could present you with the opportunity to have profitable memorabilia campaigns. A few weeks ago I launched a campaign catered to supporters of #banbossy which was a trend because of pop singer Beyonce. I created a T-shirt and targeted people who like the post on her fan page about the #banbossy campaign and sold lots of t-shirts within hours.

Unfortunately my t-shirt campaign was removed due to a trademark claim (so be sure to do a trademark research prior, lesson learned) but there is definitely great opportunity in being “in the know”.

Some of my favorite demographics and market research sites include:

Huffington Post
City Town Info
Google Trends
Facebook’s Newsroom
Google Alerts (read tutorial here)


Income Producing Activities


Income producing activities are absolutely imperative to having entrepreneurial success. There is no very successful business that isn’t generating revenue. Many entrepreneurs may take years to have success in their business because although they’re doing things, they’re not doing things that produce profits and there is a difference.

If the main income sources of your business are coaching and a niche site on the backend, you should be focused solely on those things. Know the difference between things you’re “trying out” and actual “income producing activities” because once again, the two are not the same.

It’s easy for us entrepreneurs to fool ourselves into thinking we’re being productive. If you’re not making money, you aren’t in business. Sometimes it does take a while to discover and create things that will produce income but always remember, you can only be a self-reliant entrepreneur with cash flow.

Share Helpful Information and Content


Though the sole purpose of entrepreneurship is wealth building, you can get there much faster by positioning yourself as an information authority within your niche and providing people with authentic value.

I highly recommend creating a blog, website or email list catered to sharing case studies, inspiration and applicable information about what it is that you do. I also recommend that you share helpful info on Facebook, twitter or whatever social platform you spend time on.

When people feel as though you inspire them or they’re growing because of you, there is a high likelihood that they will in turn patronize your products and services.

Don’t be a typical bound to fail self-serving entrepreneur. Focus on helping others because those who you help get where they want to go will most certainly help you get where you want to go.


Stay Up To Date with Business and Marketing News


Many entrepreneurs get an unseen curveball thrown at their business and profits because they fail to stay up to date with news regarding their industry/field. If you’re a blogger, stay in the know regarding blogging. If you’re a ppc marketer, stay up to date with news regarding ppc.

Last year one of my niche sites completely de-indexed because I failed to due my due diligence in regards to recent Google Algorithm updates that effect rankings in the search engine.

I broke a major SERP (search engine results page) rule and didn’t even know it because I failed to do my research. Always make time to stay up to date with things that could possibly affect your online business and marketing efforts.

What you don’t know CAN and WILL most certainly harm you.

My favorite search engine and marketing watch blogs:

Hubspot Blog
Search Engine Journal
Search Engine Watch
Smart Passive Income

Thank you for reading this blog post, if you found this post to be helpful please share. Also leave your comments and questions below.

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Tips For Successful TeeSpring Marketing

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 1.59.39 AM

After having my very first successful campaign with TeeSpring, I decided to put together this blog and case study to share with you guys some very important lessons that I’ve learned I’m highly sure you will find not only insightful but applicable.

For those of you who may not know, Teespring is a crowdfunding platform for T-shirts, hoodies and tank tops that many internet marketers have been using these past few months to rake in six and sometimes seven figures each month.

The benefit of using Teespring instead of sites like Cafepress, Spreadshirt and others are the low base price rates and very high quality printing. Teespring has an average base T-Shirt rate of $10 so commissions are generally $10-$20 each tee, one of the highest commission rates in the industry.

Other great benefits of using the TeeSpring platform is that if your campaign is successful it takes as little as 2 days for them to pay you via Paypal where as other platforms generally have a NET30 or NET60 (30-60 days) payout schedule.

If you’re a marketer and not surfing on the TeeSpring wave, you’re missing out on potentially what could become a full time income for part time effort for.

With that being said, lets get into what I’ve learned from my first successful TeeSpring campaign.

It’s a Risk

No matter how many people are selling the idea that everyone is making a killing with TeeSpring, the reality is everyone will not. Dive into this with optimism but also be real with yourself, this is not a magical get rich overnight scheme.

TeeSpring marketing is still entrepreneurship, not the lottery but even with the lottery, you may win some and you lose some. Most people lose more than they win but the success that follows make all the losses worth it and I can attest to this sentiment with my first successful TeeSpring campaign.

Although I finally had my first successful campaign, it wasn’t my very first campaign. I took standard risks and losses just like every other entrepreneur determined to have a breakthrough.

Be Patient With Yourself

One reason many people fail at anything is because they are not patient and realistic with themselves.

If you don’t have much experience with marketing, entrepreneurship or TeeSpring you can’t expect to have a $3,000 campaign your very first month or maybe even the first few months. Some people do but it’s important to not victimize yourself with comparison. The big guys were once beginners.

We all start from somewhere as entrepreneurs but what separates a winner from a loser is the ability to take losses as lessons and the willingness to succeed in spite of the odds against them (time, expertise, budget etc).

The truth is, you’ll gain much more through failing than winning.

Split Test Your Ads

I used Facebook’s advertising platform to drive traffic to my TeeSpring campaigns. I highly recommended having 2-4 ads within a campaign to see what ad gets the most engagement and higher click through rate.

Certain target audiences respond to certain colors and ad copy and graphics very differently.

For example I launched two separate campaigns linking to the same campaign on TeeSpring. The campaign with the post engagement objective got more sales and end up costing me much less per click than the campaign with the website clicks objective.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 12.24.15 AM



Inside the post engagement campaign I ran two separate ads and as you can see the “MAIN” ad cost less and got way more engagements than the ad titled “ALTERNATIVE”. Both ads had two different graphics as well.


Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 12.26.27 AM


Another reason it’s important to split test is because the cost lowers drastically as the engagement and click through rate increases on your ad. If your ad has poor engagement and a low click through rate your cost to advertise will be through the roof.

Do NOT Launch Facebook Ad Campaigns At Night

This is honestly a very important thing to remember, I would have spent much less money had I caught on to this in the beginning.

The ad spend for my winning campaign cost me $116.65 and had I not launched the campaign and the split tests late at night I would have spent a lot less. I’d say I could have done this campaign for $50 or less.

Although Facebook has a very targeted and really powerful advertising platform, Facebook is NOT your friend, Facebook wants your money.

The first night of these split tests I launched both of these ads with a $15 ad spend for (both) around 2 am EST which is 11pm at Facebook’s headquarters in Los Angeles and Facebook literally ate up that $30 within an hour and I had no sales.

Once again, Facebook wants your money and if you start a campaign late they will purposely run through your budget before 12am and there’s no refunds.

My best advice is to start every campaign with a $10 budget, if it doesn’t get at least 2-3 sales within that budget, pause the campaign and go back to the drawing board.

You Cannot Control Your Consumer

You can have what you think is the absolute best T-shirt design in the history of man but if people don’t think it’s good enough to purchase, they won’t. Remember the famous quote “Your customer is always right?” this is definitely relevant to marketing and making money with TeeSpring.

I launched campaigns with what I thought were well-designed and awesome T-shirts but apparently they weren’t because the campaigns flopped, miserably.

It’s important to really get into consumer psychology as well as study the demographics of the niche that you are targeting.

  • What age is your audience?
  • Who will your design cater too?
  • Do they have enough disposable income?
  • Does your target audience consist of raving fans?
  • What news is trending in your selected niche?

For example the day after the Superbowl would have been a great time to launch Seattle Seahawks shirts.

As you can see here, here are some shirts that sold very well on TeeSpring following this year’s Superbowl XLVIII. The very last shirt earned (an estimate based on typical profit per tee) $3,000 – $5,000 with 361 shirts sold.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 12.42.37 AM

My Winning Campaign

Today (March 17th, 2014) one of my TeeSpring campaigns successfully met its goal and I was paid out a little over $200 for a T-Shirt it took me less than 20 minutes to design and an ad campaign it took me less than 10 minutes to launch.


For this particular campaign, I targeted a professional yet passionate and responsive niche.

Though this turned out to be a winning campaign, I feel like I could have a much better outcome with a lower cost.

I priced the T-Shirts at $24.99 and the hoodies which sold the most were $40. I was thinking in terms of getting the highest profit when I should have launched the campaign with the best interest of my consumers, lesson learned.

Though I didn’t garner the results I wanted, I still had a 74% ROI on my campaign and I look forward to applying these lessons from my winning TeeSpring campaign towards future ones.


Thank you for taking the time out to read this post, If I helped you in anyway please like and share this post as well as leave your comments and questions below.




Finally Get The YouTube Success You Desire!

youtube marketing

YouTube videos are gaining increased popularity amongst online advertisers, consumers and users. In recent years, YouTube videos have been a goldmine for lead and sales generation. Also many people have found notoriety thanks to YouTube videos going viral.

In this blog post I am going to share with you some tips, tricks and a case study that will help you properly leverage YouTube to your advantage as an online or offline based entrepreneur.

Stats About Video Marketing from 2012 and 2013

I’ve compiled some data from some very reputable marketing platforms about the power of YouTube video marketing from 2012 and 2013 since it’s a bit too early to predict what will happen for 2014.

Here are the most relevant statistics that I’ve found in regards to power of considering videos for various marketing campaigns.

  • 75% Of Users Visit The Marketer’s Website After Viewing A Video
  • Each day 100 million internet users watch an online video.
  • According to NIELSEN Wire, 36% of online consumers trust video ads.
  • 45% of viewers will stop watching a video after 1 minute and 60% by 2 minutes, according to Visible Measures.
  • By next year video ad spending will increase from $1.97 billion to $5.71 billion.
  • According to Implix, an introductory email that includes a video receives an increase click-through rate by 96%.
  • Real Estate Listings With Videos Receive 403% More Inquiries Than Those Without Videos
  • After Visiting A Video Ad, 12% Of Viewers Purchase The Specific Product Featured In The Ad

YouTube and video is where it’s at and will be even more relevant in years to come with bridging gaps between brands, businesses, marketers and consumers.

Basic YouTube Marketing Tips and Tricks.

Here are some tips and tricks that are sure to get you off to a great start with YouTube Marketing.


Step #1: Brainstorm

It’s imperative to brainstorm your YouTube video segment for segment. Whether it’s a video where you’ll be present or a commercial or slideshow video, you should have a clear objective to make sure your video produces its desired ROI.

Step #2 Keyword and Market Research

Keyword and Market Research is a very important aspect of having success with a video organically and without advertising. Google has a free keyword planner where you can measure the success potential of a video based upon the search phrase that you choose.

For example, if you are doing a video about green smoothies for detoxing you want to make sure that there’s even a market for this particular phrase or topic. I use Google Adwords Keyword Planner to get traffic estimates to make sure there is a market to garner desired results.

To go even further, here’s a screenshot from Google’s Adwords Keyword planner for “green smoothie detox”. It get’s 1900 searches per month alone and there’s other relevant phrases that get decent traffic that can be used for tags.

 youtube marketing

Step #3 Competition Analysis

After I determine that there is indeed a market for the subject of my video I then perform my competition analysis. For the competition analysis I head over to YouTube to see how many video results are there for the video.

Using the example “green smoothie detox” there are currently about 52,600 relevant videos, this gives you an idea of how many videos your video has to crawl (formal marketing term meaning “move up”) to get to page 1 of YouTube.

 youtube marketing

The next part of competition analysis is checking to see how many videos are intentionally targeting the search phrase (assumption based). Targeting basically means that they’ve used the search phrase in the title of the video, the description and other places such as the tags.

Here’s the screenshot for the term “green smoothie detox” that highlights intentional targeting. Out of 20 videos, there were only 6 videos that had the phrase “green smoothie detox” in the title and out of those 6 videos no video had the phrase “green smoothie detox” in the description, which hints that ranking a video for this term on the first page of YouTube and even Google could be fairly easy to moderate.

youtube marketing tutorial

Step #4 Optimization

Last but not least you want to optimize your video.

Be sure to make sure you put your keyword in the title of your video. Also, when creating a video title it’s best to opt for a title that calls people to action instead of something bland and typical.

What video title would you be more likely to click?

“My Green Smoothie Detox” or The Secret For A Green Smoothie Detox Revealed in 5 Simple Steps”

 For general SEO purposes, you also want to include a short description about your video with the keyword you’re targeting at the very beginning. For example the first sentence of your description should be

“In this video, I will go over simple steps to having a successful green smoothie detox…..”

Next you’d want to include a section in your description for relevant keywords as this will help you to be able to get on the first page of YouTube for other keywords in addition to the main one.

Those are some surefire yet basic was to leverage more traffic and customers via video. Utilizing these methods will help you to see almost instant results with your Youtube videos.

Youtube Marketing Case Study.

I hope that this blog post was insightful, applicable and provided you with tons of value.

If you’re looking for hands on and in-depth training on Youtube Marketing click here for more information.

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Personal Development


Find Your Gold Mine With Personal Development


In this blog post, I am going to share with you 5 incredible reasons why you should engage in personal development books and audios at least 30 minutes each and everyday. Over the course of the last year or so, I’ve grown tremendously as a person and entrepreneur thanks to delving into personal development. Personal development is essential to all entrepreneurs rather up and coming or more established. When it all boils down to it, the key to having long-term success is having a winning mindset.

The road to massive success can and will consist of many psychological battles. Having a constant reminder of the ways that you should expand and think in terms of climbing society’s ladder is imperative. By implementing personal development into your daily routine you will be more in tune with what it takes to reach your fullest potential.

With that being said, here are 5 great reasons to get into personal development in no chronological order.

Reason #1: A Better Attitude = Better Altitude.


“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson

Personal development to at least 30 minutes a day will give you the mental stimulation that you need to shift paradigms from average to a more abundant and elite thinker. One thing I learned is that what you think and believe dictates how you feel about the day as well as your overall feelings towards life.

Your attitude regarding each day and your overall attitude towards life dictates how you perform. Great attitude equals great performance and a not-so-good attitude will of course equal a not-so-good performance.

Our lives reflect what we do and how we feel. For an increased quality of living we must have an outlook that is conducive to that standard. Personal development audios and books have instilled in me a much more positive outlook on every area of my life.

Reason #2: Breaks Down Barriers Between Being Profit Driven and Service Driven


Personal Development

“Whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness – great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy.” – Jim Rohn

Very often, we as entrepreneurs feel stuck because we’re not having as much success and momentum as we desire. The reason for this is because we are way too self and profit driven instead of being service driven. We all get into business to make money of course but if you truly want to elevate yourself and your business you have to be a relentless contributor.

Personal development has truly molded me into being a service driven entrepreneur that provides immense value. I learned through personal development that the only way you can truly win and set yourself apart from the rest is to give more.

Reason #3: Prompts Much Needed Introspection


Taking a little from reason #2, personal development really prompts you to do some introspection to find out what is it that you truly have to offer to the world. Many people who venture into entrepreneurship never think past selling products and services.

With the aid of personal development, I began to re-examine my business model and ask myself  “what solutions can I provide to the marketplace”. To make a long story short, personal development really got me in tune that I have and all the lives that I can change for the long-term by means of entrepreneurship.

One thing that very affluent entrepreneurs/companies we all know and love such as Steve Jobs, Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg, Google, Amazon and Twitter etc have in common is that their business models deliberately provide solutions and enhance customer/user experience.

Reason #4: Gives You Confirmation That You Can


Personal Development

Many entrepreneurs are the first ones in their families to give entrepreneurship a shot. According to Fidelity, 86% of millionaires are self-made. When you come from a family or social setting that does everything traditionally aka go to school and get a job, it’s really hard to get full support, sound advice and hear sentiments from family and friends that are conducive to becoming independent through entrepreneurship.

Most often, family and friends don’t mean any harm by discouraging you they’re just ignorant to your potential to rise above their status quo. Personal development will come in handy by giving you the daily encouragement and positivity from successful people who started out where you are with limited resources that became millionaires and billionaires through persistence, leadership and being solution oriented.

Reason #5: Learn to Form Habits Conducive to Success


Dedicating time to personal development everyday will introduce you to forming habits. As an entrepreneur, its important to form habits one by one that are parallel to the success that you want to have because entrepreneurship isn’t just a chance to grow financially, it’s also your chance to grow personally and spiritually.

By forming the habit of dedicating at least 30 minutes a day to personal development, you’ll gain understanding of the power of positive daily action and being deliberate in your efforts. After doing something for 21-30 days, it becomes second nature and no longer a forced task and this is a sentiment that I can personally attest to.

With that being said, I hope that the tips given help you tremendously with understanding why you should delve into personal development to help elevate you as an entrepreneur.

Last but not least, below I am going to share with you some books and lectures that have affected me a great deal while on my entrepreneurial journey.


The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

The Science of Being Great by Wallace D. Wattles

Succeeding Against the Odds: The Autobiography of a Great American Businessman by John H. Johnson

The Richest Man In Babylon by George S Clason

The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires by Dennis Kimbro

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T. Harv Eker

Dynamic People Skills by Dexter Yager


(to download videos as mP3 files click here)


View full playlist here.

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Crucial Reasons and Steps to Starting a Business In 2014

In this blog I am going to share with you why you should consider launching your own business in 2014. As a bonus, I am also going to share with you some very important factors to consider when choosing a business venture as well as some very essential things that you are going to need to do prior to launching a business.

Let’s get into some reasons as to why you should start your own business in 2014.

Starting Your Own Business Allows You To Create Your Own Economy

As an entrepreneur or business owner you have the freedom to create your very own independent economy. One thing that many people fail to realize is that the economy is never bad. No matter what the media feeds the masses about the economy being bad, the reality is that there is always someone on the receiving end and unfortunately a majority who are on the giving end.

Despite what we’ve heard in the last few years regarding the economy, sales revenue for many major retailers are at an all time high. From Thanksgiving to “Cyber Monday” 2013 there was over $60 billion dollars spent at major online retailers. That’s right, in just four days, over $60 billion dollars spent online!

The economy is not bad whatsoever, what’s bad is conspicuous consumption and that people are investing in material things instead of the education and mentorship that will help people elevate above personal or financial mediocrity.

Start A Business To Build Generational Wealth

One of my main “whys” for starting a business is to establish generational wealth so that myself, my children, their children and their children’s children will be protected, have access, more opportunity and live a life with no restraints or obligations like going to work from 9-5.

steps to starting a business

I often hear many people express their disdain for people who were born into wealth as if their poverty makes them more righteous. I think of it like this, why shame someone’s parents or grandparents for laying a better foundation and eradicating struggle for them? If someone was born rich, that means that someone they preceded was determined to leave a legacy, which I see absolutely nothing wrong with.

Choosing to remain poor and leaving your children without wealth the way things are headed can lay the foundation for your children to be in literal slavery.

Start A Business To Receive Rich People’s Benefits

As many of you may already know, society benefits the rich and wealthy. In fact many laws are created for the rich and wealthy, by the rich and wealthy.

There are many tax breaks and benefits that high-income earners receive that low and mid income earners do not. According to Bankrate, America’s top income earners get average tax cuts of $66,384 while the bottom 20% only receives an average tax cut of $107.

Many people have a vendetta with the rich and wealthy for the benefits that they receive but in my opinion, it makes more sense to utilize the resources that we have to become rich or wealthy instead of whining and complaining about being poor.

With that being said, I’m going to get into some things that you need to consider when brainstorming ideas for businesses or ventures that you want to get into.

Will Your Business Advance People?

The first thing that you want to consider when brainstorming ideas for a business is if it bridges a gap and betters the lives of people. Also brands and businesses that advance people and have emotional bonds with their consumers usually dominate a large percentage of the market share. Let’s use a well-known brand as an example:

Wal-Mart has grown to what it is because you can access brand names and top quality products at a lower cost than most major retailers. The Super Wal-Mart brand is even more popular because not only does it cater to the budget of most Americans, it allows people to cash checks, send and receive money, pay bills, fill prescriptions, buy groceries, buy electronics and more all at one store. Instead of having to take multiple trips to best buy, CVS, the bank and a supermarket, you can just go to Wal-Mart.

Always think of how you can provide solutions to the marketplace. Solutions can be things like more affordability, more accessibility and overall convenience.

Consider Long-Term Profitability

Another thing you’d want to consider when brainstorming business ideas is how long can it be profitable for you. Many entrepreneurs fail miserably and find themselves having to constantly jump from business venture to business venture because they failed to consider if their business is a actually a business or a temporary hustle.

Not doing market research will cause you to lose a lot of money and possibly even damage your reputation. You want to be known for being reliable not a “snake oil salesman”.

Potential for Earning Passive Income

Last but never least, you want to consider the potential a business has to generate passive income. Living from sale to sale or client to client is the same as living from check to check, which is something you want to avoid as much as possible as an entrepreneur. Always be thinking of ways that you can automate your business and have it working for you. Automation equals cash and time freedom

After you’ve considered if your business can provide solutions, be profitable for the long-term and generate passive income the next phase is planning phase.

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

The first plan that you need to create is your yearly plan. A good yearly plan consists of quarterly, monthly and daily goals that give you much needed clarity and structure for launching a business or building an existing business. Click here if you want to learn how to create an attainable and purposeful yearly plan.

Create Your Business Plan

The second game plan you will need to create is a business plan. A business plan is a more formal plan that consists of where you want to take your business and how you plan to take it there. A great business plan can also be used as a proposal for angel investors.

If you’re considering going into a home based business such as a business opportunity, affiliate marketing or becoming a blogger a business plan isn’t really necessary but a yearly plan will be extremely beneficial. Click here to learn more.

Create Your Marketing Plan

Another important game plan to create is a marketing plan. A marketing plan is just as important as a yearly plan or business plan. Without doing market research, your business will just be blowing in the wind. One of the main benefits of a marketing plan is find your target market or audience.

Not having a well-defined target market is one of the top reasons that entrepreneurs fail whilst building brands or businesses.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope that you found tremendous value and insight with the given information. Please share this post and leave your comments/questions below.

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Google Alerts

Eliminate Headache and Hours Of Research With Google Alerts


Google Alerts is just one of the many tools in the Google Labs platform that is free for all users with a Google account. Google Alerts is a very useful tool for those of us who are bloggers, Internet marketer and online entrepreneurs who get caught up in spending hours doing various research.

With Google Alerts you no longer have to be glued to the screen search the web for anything, whatever information you desire you can get it sent directly to your inbox with the click of a button.

In this blog, I am going to share with you how to use Google Alerts as well as some neat tricks and tips for using Google Alerts that many people don’t know about.

How Does Google Alerts Work?

By setting a Google Alert, you will begin receiving whatever information you’re looking for on a “as it happens”, daily or weekly basis.

To sign up to receive Google Alerts you will have to do the following:

  1. Click here
  2. Enter the search phrase(s) you’d like to receive an alert for.
  3. The next step is to set the source of where you want to receive alerts from (news stories, blog posts, videos, forums or all sources).
  4. After you choose the source of where you want to receive your requested information from, the next step is to choose the is the frequency of the alerts you receive (as-it-happens, daily, weekly).
  5. The very last step is to create the alert and voila!

Now that you have the basics of how you’re going to set up a Google Alert, I’m going to share with you some cool ways you can begin utilizing the Google Alerts tool.

Using Google Alerts for Content Ideas


Lets say that you’re a webmaster that runs a tech blog, Google Alerts can benefit you immensely because instead of spending time fishing through tons of information, you can now create alerts for various topics and gadgets delivered to your inbox as often as you’d like them to.

Another benefit of utilizing Google Alerts for content creation is that it can allow you to be ahead of the competition by breaking news and stories first and possibly raise your clout amongst readers and peers.

Using Google Alerts to Keep Tabs on Your Brand or Business

If you have an established brand or business you can utilize the Google Alerts platform to keep you updated with buzz surrounding your business.

If there is any harmful or negative press, news, blogs on the web regarding your business or brand you will be able to potentially settle any conflicts before they spiral out of control.

On the flipside, any positive press regarding your brand or business can be used on your business website which can also raise clout amongst your clients, customers or peers.

Using Google Alerts to Follow a Trending Story or Topic

If you want to keep up with a trending topic or story Google Alerts allows you to stay updated without having to watch the news all day or watch social media feeds like a hawk.

 No matter what trending news you are into, with Google Alerts the latest news will arrive in your inbox as it happens.

Using Google Alerts for Daily Updates on Sales, Promo Codes and Discounts

Google Alerts allow you to be even creative with your information scouting by setting alerts to get the latest updates on new sales, promotions and bargains from your favorite brands and retailers.

It sucks to find out afterwards that you missed out on a good deal and with Google Alerts, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on another discount again.

Using Google Alerts to Find Gigs and Jobs

Google Alerts can also be used to get instant updates on various jobs and gigs. If you’re a freelancer or just job hunting utilizing Google Alerts can save you hours of browsing various job websites and classified ads. We’ve all be there, stalking sites like craigslist all day long for new gigs and jobs. 

In-depth Google Alerts Video Tutorial


I hope that you found this blog on Google Alerts helpful and informative. Please share and leave your comments below.