68 Motivating & Introspective Questions for Serious and Aspiring Entrepreneurs


    What can I do today that will make some day in the future pleasant? What can I do today that will make today more pleasant? Is my home truly a reflection of me? Am I proud of my body? If my bank account could speak what would it say? Will my children have to take out loans to attend school? Who are 3 people I could … [Read more...]

6 Lessons The iPhone 6 Announcement Teaches About Success in Entrepreneurship

iphone 6

  Although it's been a while and long overdue, I am back with another blog post. As we all know, the other day Apple announced the new iPhone 6 and iWatch release and the world went absolutely bananas. Watching all the excitement, hype and feedback on social media, I sat back and thought of some of the things that we as entrepreneurs can apply to our own … [Read more...]

8 Things You Should Do To Increase Sales and Profits 100% or More!


Effective Profit Increasing Strategies For Entrepreneurs Give Away More Free Stuff   Now I know that this sounds like a contradiction to raising your prices but don’t tune this out just yet… In order to be successful with raising your prices you have to pre-sell and build the anticipation of people wanting to pay more premium prices. In addition to the things … [Read more...]

Getting and Staying Organized For Online Entrepreneurs + FREE DOWNLOAD/VIDEO TUTORIAL


  Something many entrepreneurs fail to grasp (even myself at times) is that organization and tracking is truly essential. If you do not have a plan, you are planning to fail by default. With internet marketing in particular, in addition to goal setting and planning, project and campaign tracking is a must and something that separates the amateurs from the "big … [Read more...]

Introduction to Facebook Marketing for Online Marketers and Entrepreneurs

facebook marketing 2014

      Why Consider Facebook Marketing?   If you're an online marketer or entrepreneur and not utilizing Facebook's advertising you're missing out on a ton of profit for a variety of reasons.   According to Alexa.com Facebook is the world's #2 most visited site in the world behind Google. According to Zephoria, the amount of Facebook users increased 16% to … [Read more...]